Meet the Band!

TAYLOR SAFINA – VOCALS/KEYBOARD (photo credit:Brad Wright )
Experienced in musical theater and classical voice, Taylor grew up with an appreciation for rock music and has always loved playing piano. A SLO native and a graduate of the Cal Poly music program, she works as a choral accompanist for Hartnell Community College, a private instructor at Wise Music and as a music director of local theater productions.

SAM SALERNO – BASS/VOCALS (photo credit: Bill Brown)
Sam is a veteran of many musical theatre productions on the Monterey Peninsula, having provided bass work for the Stevenson School, the Forest Theatre Guild, and the Paper Wing Theatre. He studied electric bass at the Los Angeles College of Music (formerly LAMA) and has performed in various bands in Monterey County over the last twenty years.

JASON STOUT – GUITAR/VOCALS (photo credit: Bill Brown)
Jason’s humble beginnings began with playing guitar in church at the formidable age of 15. Fast forward the 20 years of Kumbaya, he joined the Air Force Band as an axe for hire. In 2014, he started performing at Paper Wing Theater in Monterey and met the band, playing side by side with them for several musicals. He joined The Transducers in the summer of 2021 as their guitarist, occasionally singing, & chasing pesky buzzing noises that come from their sound equipment.

(Photo credit: Theresa Alvey, Five Matches Photography)
Like most drummers, Lisa’s drumming adventure started when she was 3 years old, pulling pots and pans out of the bottom kitchen cabinet and making a racket! But, “drumming wasn’t for girls” back then, so she started on piano. Fortunately, as an adult, a group of musician friends who wanted to play rock covers and originals, decided she should be their drummer! Thanks to these friends, and so many amazingly kind and talented professional teachers and music mentors, Lisa has had the opportunity to perform and record with great players in several bands over the past two decades. Lisa’s drumming goals are to always play in support of the music, keep a steady groove, have fun and inspire anyone who wants to play.